5 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur

5 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur

part 1

For a period of time when I was at work I realised that I would subconsciously take 5 minute breaks and go to the men’s room. These trips to the men’s room were a regular thing for me. Even though I wouldn’t actually use the toilet. Once in the men’s room I would close the door, close both lids to the toilet and sit there looking into space. I would end every 5 minute session with a deep sigh before dragging myself back to work. I realised this pattern and so the next time I was having a five minute session I asked myself “why do I keep doing this”? The answer was simple, I was unsatisfied with where I was in life and what I was doing.

Often times in order to understand what we think and feel we must pay attention to our behaviour. In every 5 minute session there was a longing for something more, something fulfilling, something that gave me a sense of relevance and something that I could use my gifts and talents in and enjoy. I understood that unless I actually stepped out to fulfil my desires this feeling would never leave me alone no matter how much I tried to ignore it.

I felt like writing this because many times individuals recognise these habits and feel as if they are terrible people. However in actual fact these habits are really ways that our subconscious mind tries to communicate this message “you’re here to do greater”. Below I will list 5 habits that people begin to adopt when they begin realise that they are called to do more. I will write this in two halves to avoid overly long reading.

See if you can find yourself in the list below.

1. Not being able to stick to one thing
Are you always changing? Monday you want to go travelling, Tuesday you want to start a business, Wednesday you want to get married, Thursday you don’t want to go travelling anymore or get married but you want to take up snowboarding and the list goes on. It seems almost impossible for you to stick to one thing!

This happens because you have unused creativity inside of you and it’s always at work whether you realise it or not. It gives you ideas, plans, strategies, new desires and passions that begin to spiral out of control because instead of releasing and establishing them you keep them bottled up and then eventually begin to overflow.

2. Can’t stop day dreaming
You can be at work, at home, standing in the line at McDonald’s or walking down the street but your mind is always somewhere else. Your body is in pilot mode whilst in your head you are experiencing a completely different world. You’re thinking about what you could be doing, where you could be and who you could be with. You’re seeing yourself on a stage in front of thousands, you’re seeing yourself counselling or consulting, you’re seeing yourself hosting that TV show or being on the big screens.

Whatever you’re imagining this happening because you are mentally forming, moulding and seeing your possible future. Your heart and your mind are having a conversation and allowing you to see what life could be like if you stopped living from the outwards in and began to live from the inwards out….

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