The Truth About Ambition


The Truth About Ambition

Three things you should Know about being ambition

1.Knowing where You want to be is not good enough…

Simply knowing where you want to be in life will not get you anywhere. Having goals, dreams and aspirations are good but if you don’t know the steps that you need to take in order to achieve them then you will just spend your time dreaming but never actually manifesting anything. Your goals are your destination and your plan of action is your journey. Without planning and actually taking the journey you will never get to your desired destination.

2.Market Yourself

It doesn’t matter how good you are at something if know one knows who you are then you will never prosper. You can be the most talented footballer but if scouts haven’t seen you then you will never make it to a professional level. You can be the most talented chef but if people don’t know where your store is located then they will never get to taste your food and you can be the best singer but if you only sing in your bedroom then you will never reach the big stages. Market and advertise yourself! One day someone asked me how to make money and I told them that the money equation is simple; Value+Exposure=Money. Work hard on your gift, promote yourself properly and you will become successful.

3.Set the trend and build the path

Just because someone says they want something it doesn’t mean that they do. You can tell how serious someones words are by their actions. Not all of your friends that are “Hustlers” are actually hustlers. Sometimes you might have to go on a head without them. One day a woman said to me “Don’t be afraid to move forward and don’t feel like your leaving anyone behind. What you’re simply doing is creating new paths for them to follow you down”. If you take more actions than those around you then so be it. Don’t feel guilty that your friendship circle are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, do what you got to do and they will follow! When you reach a level of success you will create new paths for them to walk down and join you at a later stage. Remember you’re not leaving anyone behind you’re just simply going ahead and creating space.

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