A New Focus

A New Focus

For the last 7 days all I have been literally doing is praying, reading and sleeping. During this time as expected my relationship with God has gone to a whole new level. God has been speaking to me about some very interesting things however on one particular day (I can’t remember which day exactly) The father said something to me that spooked me. He asked me to give him all of my business ideas and plans and forget about them for now. For a little while I thought about everything that I had planned to do business and life wise and I weighed them up against what God was asking me to do. In all honesty though it wasn’t too difficult because I have reached a place of sacrifice within myself now that I am willing to give up anything if it means that I will get closer to being an individual that can manifest the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT wherever I go.

Some days later God began to talk to me again about my business and everything that I had planned to do before. I said to God “I thought that you told me that you didn’t want me to do business anymore and focus on ministry stuff???”. What God said next was very interesting and I want to bring some of you that are in business or looking to get into business in on what the Father told me.

G0d: It’s not that I want you to completely stop what you’re doing but I want to bring something to your attention and reset your focus. Every minister has their order of service. Their first service is to God, their second is to their family and their third is to the church. No minster should put their church before their family. Ever! The welfare of their family should always come first. A ministers family is always first priority after God. A minister needs to make sure that their house is in order before they go out and try and do any work any where else.

The reason why I want you to stop your business is because your are trying to cater to the worlds needs when my church (your family) is sick. There are soo many issues and problems in the church and  you have the skills and abilities to help them but you are more focused on doing work outside of your family instead of tending to their needs first which should be your main priority. I’m not telling you to completely stop what you’re doing but what I am telling you is that your family needs the skills that you have first before the world does for how can my people have the impact that they are supposed to if they are not right themselves?


When God spoke these words to me it really hit home. All this time I was trying to use my talents, abilities and qualifications to further the world when right in my own house, people that I see every day, people that are called to walk the same walk path as me are suffering and I haven’t been paying attention. So from that day I decided that I am going to focus on using my talents, abilities and qualifications to help further my family first. I must be about my fathers business!

The reason why I wanted to share this with you is because may be perhaps you are in the same position that I was in some days ago. Where you are trying to prosper and make things happen in the world but are possibly neglecting the church/God’s people from receiving what you have to offer. One thing that God told me was that I have been seeking the things that should have been added to me and he ensured me that If I sought his kingdom first then the things that I had been working for will just begin to automatically fall in place.

One thing that we fail to do as Christians is recognize that our life is not our own. When we became born again we signed everything away to God and said “Here I am Lord. Take me and use me for my life is not my own”. That’s right! This means your gifts are not your own, your talents are not your own, not even your degree belongs to you  but rather it belongs to God because you belong to God. Everything you have, God has a purpose for and I believe we need to find out the true purpose to why he has given us some of these gifts, talents, abilities and qualifications.

For some of us we may be able to continue like normal because we are on the right track and doing exactly what God wants us to do but for some of us it may be time for a new focus…

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