Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Self-Doubt

When I coach people who are trying to get out there and achieve something I always get them to identify anything that could get in their way so that if somewhere down the line these problems do crop up they would have already prepared themselves for the challenge. One part of identifying obstacles is to visit your belief system. Many people’s failure has nothing to do with the strength of their idea or their own personal ability but on the contrary much of failure has to do with people’s limiting beliefs about themselves.

I went to school with a boy called Warren who was a boxer and could really really fight! One day Warren heard that someone else in our area who had a reputation for being a good fighter wanted to fight him. Immediately Warren became frightened and nervous. I knew of the person who wanted to fight Warren and I knew that in reality this guy was no match for Warren but no matter how much I tried to assure him that everything was alright and he had nothing to worry about he still continued to be nervous.

The way that our mind works is very interesting. The conscious part of the mind is almost like a gateway and the subconscious part of the mind is the place of true storage and where things come into manifestation. For example whatever information that your conscious mind believes and accepts as true will pass through to your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind will begin to go to work on making this information the law of your being. This means that the information your conscious mind allows in, your subconscious mind will establish it as your morals, beliefs, values and principles that you live your life by. What makes this whole process even more interesting is that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between right and wrong it just simply manifests whatever your conscious mind allows to go into it.

“Your life is made up of the words that you have either spoken or the words that you have chosen to listen to”

When you understand the how the conscious and the subconscious mind work together you’ll learn to appreciate the level of truth that lies in the above quote. The reason for many forms of low self esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, failure and many other things is because of the information that you’ve allowed to get into your subconscious mind. No matter how good you are as an individual you will never be able to achieve great things unless you believe you can. Your level of success is directly linked to how you view yourself because words affect thoughts, thoughts affect feelings and feelings affect behaviour.

What Do You Think About Yourself?

An important thing to do is you analyse your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and then ask the question: What are the main influences behind my self beliefs? Are they a result of what was told to me when I was 5 years old, are they the result of what society says about me, are they the result of a particular event that happened, are they a result of the word of God?

In order to achieve a lifestyle of wholeness you must identify poisonous and destructive beliefs that you have about yourself that could possibly be limiting and affecting the results that you are getting in your every day life. In tomorrow’s article I am going to show you why the bible says that we should meditate in God’s word day and night and I will also show you how by meditating on God’s word you can get rid of low self-esteem and limiting beliefs about yourself.

Until then,

God’s Love.

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